Who We Are

Who are we?  Wait… who ARE we? 

Oh god… could it be…  AMNESIA?!  *gasp* *intrigue*

(…not again.)

We are not a cult. We are the organizers for Outside™.  We work to realize the vision of our dear and glorious CrEatOr–to release the latest version of Outside™. Remember: we are not a cult.

(We’re a mysterious team of virtuous designers and entrepreneurial philanthropists who are trying to change the world through play. Join us! And don’t worry, we are not a cult.)

Corporate Lingo (for your reading pleasure)

Our Mission 🌞

Outside™ will lure players away from their screens and into their communities through a sensationally fun alternate reality sport.  By playing Outside™, players will form high quality friendships, improve their health, develop new knowledge and skills, and live better, fuller lives – all while improving the world and serving their community.

Our Vision 👁

To transform the world through imagination, one player at a time.

Our Mantra 🧘‍♀️

“Imagine a better world.”

Our Core Values (what makes us tick 🕰)

1. Ethical, responsible play.

Whenever possible, Outside encourages a type of play that is good for both the players and society.  Outside should encourage players to be more physically healthy, more emotionally and socially fulfilled, better educated, and to invest in the wellbeing of themselves and their community.

2. Inclusivity and diversity.

Outside should be welcoming to all comers who can respect our conduct expectations.  Initially Outside was designed as a game that would be inclusive to different types of players, whether they preferred the athletic side of the sport, or roleplaying, or crafting, or the mental game.  But it is also of utmost importance that Outside is welcoming for people of color, for women, for those with disabilities and with other sexual orientations.

3. Fun!

Despite having serious aims for personal and social wellbeing, Outside is a game.  It is not meant to take itself too seriously.  Playing Outside should lift our players’ spirits.

4. Player agency.

Where possible, players should be able to shape the world of Outside.  It is a living world owned by the players, and their actions should have real consequences.  Depending on the actions they take, players may save their world or destroy it.

Sooo… are you a charity?

Eh… we’re registered as an LLC, but whether an organization is a charity or corporation is mostly rules on paper for tax purposes (nonprofits are more like businesses than you probably realize… they earn profit and pay their staff just like a business). We’re a scrappy group so we’re using the simplest rules–the LLC–but our mission is a charitable one. What matters to us is making life better for people like you and me. We may officially change to a nonprofit or a B-corp in the future if that allows us to better fulfill that mission. We also plan to donate 5% of our profits to organizations that support women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and protect our planet, just to help out our players who haven’t logged in since the update.