You can sign up for the Alpha waitlist on our Patreon, but LISTEN. If you donate just $1 a month (using the Outside Waitlist tier), we make basically no money, BUT it helps us immensely to show that we have potential customers which helps us get even more help. So subscribe to our Patreon (Link will be Live Soon!) to become a player, or out of the sheer goodness of your ❤. And if you subscribe for our $5 Alpha Outsider tier (whether you’re an Active player or not) you’ll be added to a special Founding Playtester group that gets bonuses and discounts and you can maintain the discount on this subscription for 2 years after the game’s release. Either way, you get the manuals, Discord access with inside information and updates on the game’s status, plus voting powers.

Subscribing or donating now helps us release the game that much sooner!