Volunteer Opportunities

You want to help us release the newest version of Outside? Thank you!

Outside is a pseudo-open source project where under the guidance of our staff, players and contributors have a significant opportunity to shape the game and the world. During our testing phases, we’re really counting on the help of people like you to bring Outside to life.

Before you volunteer…

Legal BS

Note that due to intellectual property law, we must sometimes require contributors to sign contracts that allow us the use of their creative works. You may be asked to sign these documents before, during, or after making a contribution as needed. Because these are legal contracts, we can only accept certain types of contributions (e.g., art, writing, and other creative works) from volunteers who are at least 18 years of age.

Donation or Compensation? Your choice!

As a volunteer you can either charitably donate your time and skill (expecting nothing in return), or as a prospective contributor (hoping that if the game succeeds, you’ll be compensated for your work). Either way, we’ll track your contributions and give you the option–we also ask that you keep track of the hours you work on Outside so that we have an idea of how much time you spent on your contributions. While this is not a guarantee of compensation, we will strive to honor your contributions by acknowledging your work in the game Credits, and in the best case scenario, with cold, hard cash.

Join as many teams as you like!

We’ll reach out when we’re ready to onboard you to the team. The onboarding process involves meeting with the volunteer team leader(s) as well as the community team and signing the intellectual property agreement.

Priority Positions

We have an urgent need for the following positions:
Marketing Specialist
Web Developers (Frontend, Backend, Fullstack)

Tell us about yourself! What teams interest you, how you can contribute, are you over the age of 18, and why do you want to volunteer?