All Fights Reserved joins the Seattle Angel Conference!

We’re very excited to share news that we have won an application grant to enter the Seattle Angel Conference. The conference supports developing startups, and one finalist will earn a $200,000 investment grant. Their mission is to “create stronger startups and more effective Angel Investors with a ‘Learning by Doing’ approach.”

The first part of the conference is to give a 60-second pitch for our company. If you know me, you know elevator pitches are not my forte. I have generally shied away from investing time and energy in courting investors–investors tend to invest in industries they know, and they tend to not know the gaming industry (or they know that video games are a risky venture and are likely to conflate our game with a traditional video game). Altogether that means it would be difficult to find an investor who is the right match for our game!

Fortunately, thanks to our wonderful contributors, Outside is not reliant on investors or business loans to come to life, and that’s thanks to all of you who are excited by our game, whether because you share our vision for a bright, fun future, or you just want to play!

All that said, we’re very excited to enter the conference as an opportunity to learn and make connections, and who knows? We might even meet our angel.

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