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Today we make our first official announcement for Outside on Reddit, so if you’re seeing this, there’s a good chance you’re one of the more than 400 million active users. Don’t give us the ol’ Reddit squeeze of death! 🤗💀 We’d like to keep the website up and running for future announcements.

As we announce the “Big Update”, a common question we get is, “Wait, what was the first version?”
The first version is just playing outside as a kid–running and climbing, playing pretend, and all the breathless wonderment it held for you.
Outside™ is a brand new experience that recaptures that feeling for an adult crowd. It’s a way to meet new people, be more physically active, and give you something fun to do outside, away from the screen.

At this stage in development, we are readying our Alpha playtesting launch. If you want to get in on this sweet 🍧, sweet 🍭 action and play with us, join our Alpha waitlist and we’ll reach out to you to help you get a team started in your area! It’s only $1/month to join the waitlist (which will be applied as a credit once you start playing). Sign up on our Patreon!

We’re also looking for volunteers! Right now our greatest needs are for a marketing specialist and web developers, but we have an extensive list of other things you can help us with. If you know someone who might be interested, please put us in touch! And if you’re that person, then we can’t wait to meet you! Use the form on our Volunteer Opportunities page to say hi! 👋

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